Friday, December 23, 2011


Thanksgiving at the Leslie's is basically the same each year.  30+ people for a sit down dinner, black gravy, Irish music, and drinking are the static elements that never change.  Of course, each year we add a few new variables.  This year included the microwave breaking 10 minutes before everyone got there, and a brand new goal: Finish as much Tullamore Dew as we could. Mission Accomplished.  Most people talk about how much they ate, but I am proud to brag that between 6 of us, my family finished 2 full bottles of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskeys.  The other lightweights in the family just stuck to beer or wine.

Things always start off nice...

                 Then, with the addition of booze, things rapidly disintegrate into madness. 
                 Why do all of our  family holidays end up looking like St. Patrick's Day? 


Friday, September 16, 2011

My Big Fat Irish Family

This is Shaun and I on our wedding day...even the cake was Irish!

And these two kooks are Doll and Rob, my parents

Rob likes wearing hats.  That's him, in the dreadlocks, at the Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade.  In the photo on the right, you can see his summer gear.  He plays the tin whistle at barbeques and calls himself the Pied Piper.  When he starts playing, it's time to follow him, right into the pool - even in our clothes!

                          Doll likes hats too, and apparently making up some terrible dance moves!

                                                    Let's Not Forget Nan, my grandmother....

                                              Who has some pretty good moves of her own!

This tall blond is Kaitlin, my first cousin.  She's also my best friend, and I don't go anywhere without her.  In between her and I is Danny, her little brother.  Don't be fooled - he may LOOK little, but in reality, he's 6'4" - he just does a pretty excellent leprechaun impression.  The photo to the right is myself with my Aunt Eileene, Kaitlin, her daughter, and my mother. We're at a post-parade party at Tir Na Nog.

I have a lot of other Irish cousins too, like Kelly and Danielle, in the middle here, between me and Kaitlin.  You can see my mom poking her head up in the back.  This photo was taken at Irish weekend, in North Wildwood, the greatest weekend of the year!

                                    The Broken Shillelaghs, Shaun's band, plays there every year.

This is Broken Shillelaghs, enjoying the Irish Weekend crowd

To see a video of the Shillelaghs playing: